for Email for Email aka “Email markup” is an approach initiated by Google/Gmail in 2013. It allows for embedding markup into the body of HTML emails. for emails is currently supported by:

  • Senders: tbd.
  • Email providers: Gmail, AOL/Yahoo, 1&1 (GMX/WEB.DE), Zoho (see below)
  • Tools: KMail, KDE Itinerary, Nextcloud Mail and vendor-specific clients of the providers mentioned before

ISP implementations

ISP Gmail Yahoo WEB.DE Zoho
Supported Schemas tbd. tbd. ParcelDelivery, Order FlightReservation, Order, ParcelDelivery, Quick actions
Prerequisites tbd. tbd. Sign-up Sign-up
Sending requirements tbd. tbd. DKIM, DMARC tbd.
Further information